Command the consumer engagement and deliver the “WOW”

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  • calendar Feb 15, 2022
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Over my extensive career in retail leadership, I had more customers calling about associates who forgot to mention accessories or products required for their purchase, such as a home subwoofer sold without the cable to connect to a receiver or amp, or a smart HDTV without the upgraded router needed for seamless streaming throughout the home. On the flip side, I rarely got calls about my sales teams suggesting products and services that the customer had never considered. And when I did hear from those customers, it was usually a thank you.


Knowing this, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that asking “use questions” will most certainly lead you and your consumer in a positive direction. Ask the questions your consumer may have never considered. When we drive our consumer wins.


We know that consumers often spend considerable time conducting their own research before they walk into the store. But no matter what their research journey, it can’t compare to the knowledge we have working in the industry every day. In today’s ecosystem of choices, it’s almost an impossible task for the consumer to make the right purchase decision every time. For us, it’s the opposite—we have the expertise to understand all the necessary needs of the consumer, ask the all-important “use” questions, find the right product and accessories, and deliver that “wow” experience. It’s up to us to command the engagement and confidently lead the consumer to a winning experience.


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