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3 Easy Retail Solutions that Refresh Stores, Dazzle Customers and Boost Sales

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  • calendar Jul 11, 2022
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Whether you’re a mass merchandiser, dollar store, grocery or specialty retailer, you want to wow your customers and deliver the best shopping experience possible. Appearance matters, and that includes effective merchandising, retail displays and pre-assembled products on the sales floor. But it isn’t often viable for retailers handle overnight resets, assembly and planogram resets in-house, because the last thing you need is downtime and additional staffing costs. At T-ROC, we make it our business to make life easier for retailers, so they can focus their time, energy and resources on what’s most important for their businesses. Here’s three easy retail solutions that can transform and enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

Overnight Resets

Resets are a fast, easy, and affordable way to infuse new energy into any store or department.

T-ROC’s reset teams go in with intensive training and a meticulously mapped plan to revamp and rebuild furniture, displays, shelves, stand-alone units, fixtures and more. And they do it all overnight to transform stores into entirely new shopping experiences by morning.


If you have products that require assembly, you need people and processes in place to consistently drive fast, accurate and reliable performance. From bikes to beds to patio furniture to fitness equipment, T-ROC has a team of highly trained assembly techs who are experts at building products. Assembly is far too often seen as an ancillary service. At T-ROC, we look at it as a core opportunity to boost revenue and build real customer loyalty.

Planogram resets

Planogram resets are an integral part of effective merchandising. Whether it’s a section, category or full store reset, T-ROC has experienced teams that can handle all the details of a complete planogram change—repositioning and re-tagging shelves, changing product labels and pricing signage, and thoroughly cleaning to remove any evidence of a past product.

We offer solutions that make retail operations easier, simplified, optimized and streamlined, and we do it through the power of people and technology. To learn more about our solutions for retailers, including overnight resets, affordable assembly services, the differences between remodels and resets, and planogram resets, get in touch with Debby Hoover, Vice President, Business Development at T-ROC, [email protected].


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