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What is an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Firm?

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Outsourced Sales and Marketing: What it is and why outsourcing a team just might be the right sales solution for your retail business.

Retail is moving faster than it ever has in years past. Today’s omnichannel ways of doing business continue to transform the sales process and the marketing/branding that supports it into far more complex and complicated retail management challenges.

What can a company do to keep up in this new sales and marketing environment? Many are finding that outsourcing these responsibilities to a third-party provider to be the best option. Perhaps you’re wondering, “how can an outsourced sales and marketing firm help my business.” The answer is in a lot of ways.


Why outsourced sales and marketing?

So, why would companies decide to go with outsourcing? There are a lot of good reasons, however, they all boil down to two primary factors. One, the majority of brands and retailers simply lack the internal bandwidth and infrastructure to keep up with the staffing, merchandising, marketing, and operational changes associated with the rapidly accelerating sales process. Two, in most instances an outsourced sales strategy actually pays for itself in terms of sales and revenue increases. The fact is, by outsourcing, a company most often finds a team that is far more focused, experienced, and performance-optimized than any sales and marketing team it could build in-house. This can add up to some real ROI.

Are you a brand or retailer considering outsourcing your sales staffing, merchandising and marketing needs to a third-party company? Still not sure if outsourcing is the right way to go? Talk with the retail sales and management experts at T-ROC to find out.


Key benefits of sales outsourcing companies

  1. Outsourced sales staffing leads to better sales teams

A big part of sales and marketing is finding the right people for the job. The top outsourcing companies are staffing experts who already have a nationwide pool of vetted and trained sales, merchandising, and marketing professionals in place. Naturally, it’s a lot easier for your company to find great people when you’re pulling from a group made up of proven sales professionals. Additionally, if you’re looking for someone with a very unique skill set or a specific type of industry expertise, outsourcing usually leads to a more qualified group of candidates.

  1. Outsourcing sales and marketing lower overhead

First off, outsourcing sales and marketing means you don’t have to spend the time and dollars recruiting, interviewing, vetting, and onboarding an entire sales team, merchandising team, or marketing staff. A good outsourcing partner takes care of every aspect of hiring, all the way through onboarding new employees. Plus, the top onboarding companies will also handle employee training, providing curriculum in both general sales and in your specific brand attributes and corporate standards. In the end, you get a highly trained team without having to invest the time, energy, and money required when doing it yourself.

  1. Outsourcing simplifies

Sales and marketing are dynamic business areas. Taking on all the responsibility internally means assuming complete accountability for implementing sales strategies, merchandising plans, and marketing programs; managing sales team and marketing team performance; and adapting and adjusting to market and industry changes. Contracting with an outsourcing company, on the other hand, means you get an experienced sales and management team who will handle most of the heavy lifting, not to mention assume a great deal of accountability. An outsourced sales company is focused solely on your sales and marketing needs. That’s their wheelhouse and the sales professionals and services they provide take a lot off of your day-to-day plate.

  1. Outsourcing flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of outsourced sales is the scalability it provides in terms of retail staffing solutions. We’ve already pointed out that reputable outsourcing companies usually have a vetted pool of sales professionals in place around the country. One huge advantage of this pool of talent is that it allows you to onboard people quickly and easily – as you need them. Maybe you’re looking to hire sales professionals full-time. Or maybe you just need to beef up your sales teams for the holiday rush. Perhaps, you need to hire sales and marketing staff to run and promote special events. The point is, when you go with an outsourced sales company, you’re able to instantly scale your sales, merchandising, and marketing teams (either up or down) to your immediate needs. Full time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, event-based – whatever your sales team needs are, the right outsourced sales partner will be poised to meet them without hesitation.


Will my customers notice a difference between an outsourced sales team and an in-house team?

If they do, chances are it will be in a very positive light. Remember, outsourced sales companies specialize in a very specific area of the retail business – sales and marketing. The individuals they bring are intensively and continuously trained in retail sales, as well as in your individual brand and products. These are adept sales professionals who look, feel and function like a member of your company team, which, by the way, is exactly how they will come across to your customers. To put it another way, when you hire an outsourced sales team, for all intents and purposes, you’re hiring the team that will represent your brand and your products to the world. The big difference is the people on it are usually far more capable of doing a great job. So, if your customers do notice a difference, it will probably be one that leads to more sales.


Is an outsourced sales team expensive?

The actual cost of outsourced sales naturally depends on the size and scope of the sales and marketing program you’re outsourcing. So, it’s impossible to pinpoint what your company might have to invest to launch a successful sales program.

That being said, the entire point of outsourcing is to experience an ROI that you couldn’t achieve by managing your sales processes, sales teams, merchandising, and marketing programs in-house.

Yes, you will have to make a substantial investment to capitalize on the sales staff and marketing programs an outsourced sales company provides. However, if you’ve chosen wisely, your outsourced company will also provide in-depth reporting that tracks sales results, sales team performance, marketing success, customer satisfaction, and other sales metrics, so you can see exactly what your outsourced sales and marketing investment is generating in terms of measurable performance increases.

If you’re not getting the ROI promised, it’s time to find a new outsourced sales company.

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