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Top 5 things consumers are asking for in today’s retail engagement

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  • calendar Mar 28, 2022
  • clock 2 mins read

I recently wrote a blog on what consumers wanted in 2009 and how much technology has evolved over the past 13 years. Here’s what hasn’t changed: consumers’ expectations for retail engagement. It’s amazing that despite all the shifts in retail sales and operations, these comments from consumers in 2009 still hold true today.

• I do my research prior to walking in. Be sure to ask me about my research experiences when I come to make my purchase.
• I put my trust in the sales process. I hope you have my family’s interests and needs in mind, and that you ask questions we might not have considered.
• When I’m in your store I’m not looking for someone who just reads the index card because I can do that. I’m looking for someone to go further with information, and even tell me what other customers are buying and why.
• Avoid a feature slam. Like when you run into someone that’s super smart and they start feeding me like it’s a fire hose. And I don’t understand half of what you’re spraying. But if you just ask me a few questions, I’ll tell you what I’m looking for. Like how can I have fewer remotes around my house? Let’s start there.
• Tell me the whole deal. I want everything and I want to know it upfront. And I want to be really happy. And when you do that I’ll tell the world.

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