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  • calendar May 12, 2022
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Outsource Staffing Solutions That Improve Service and Increase Sales

Retail staffing is not just about filling available positions. It’s about finding exceptional sales talent and providing the training and resources they need to succeed on the job. It’s about placing the right sales representative in the right position – one that fits that person’s unique skill set.

Staffing is about making sure the people who represent your brand or retail business are as good as it gets. Because today, more than ever, customers demand service and support from informed, engaged and exceptional sales professionals who can answer their questions and make the shopping journey an easy and enjoyable one.

The retail staffing agency you choose will make or break how well your sales team performs. At T-ROC, we’ll build a customized staffing solution that delivers the sales talent, coverage and end-to-end support you need to improve service and drive added sales.

The T-ROC difference – exclusive retail staffing

We’re not a general staffing agency. We are a retail staffing agency with a laser focus on sales recruitment for the industry we know and love. Many of the world’s top brands and retailers count on T-ROC to be their recruiters because they know that we understand their staffing needs and have everything in place to meet them quickly, affordable and effectively.

Sales recruitment

The first step to building a great sales team is to recruit a great sales team. At T-ROC, we’ve spent years amassing a nationwide pool of sales talent who have been selected and vetted by our own sales recruiters and HR experts. We handle everything from background checks to drug testing to verifying work histories. Right now, our sales recruiters have exceptional individuals in place across the country who are ready to become experts in your brand, sales processes and best practices.

Sales staffing with an entrepreneurial spirit

While there’s certainly a science to building a top sales team, truly exceptional staffing isn’t an entirely empirical process. There are some aspects of being a great salesperson that just can’t be taught. The drive to be the top sales representative on the floor. A passion for helping others. A way of relating to people that feels genuine because it is genuine. The curiosity to want to learn more and continually improve your sales and service skills. These are the characteristics of a retail entrepreneur and they’re among the intangibles that our sales recruiters look for when staffing your positions. T-ROC was founded by an entrepreneur and we know that hiring people who share that passion is key to growing sales.

Extensive and ongoing sales training

As your staffing agency, our recruiters source the best people and comprehensive training provides the ongoing knowledge and support they need to be exceptional. On the salesfloor, in the classroom, and using advanced technology, your retail sales team receives extensive training in customer service, issue resolution, and your specific sales and operational processes. With T-ROC as your staffing partner, you get hires who are fully prepared to help you better serve customers and increase sales from day one, and, thanks to extensive sales training they’ll just keep getting better.

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