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Elevate your Clients’ Customer Experience While Increasing your Bottom Line with VIBA

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  • calendar Mar 17, 2022
  • clock 3 mins read

VIBA is a revolutionary omnichannel solution that uses live video engagement with the brand and retail experts to connect with customers wherever they are in their sales journey. VIBA engages customers in stores, online, at home, on their smartphones, tablets, and computers – whenever and however they want—it’s a real omnichannel solution. With VIBA, a virtual sales associate can answer a customer’s questions, demonstrate a product, or play a video. You can add VIBA to websites and social media channels; embed a QR code in product pricing, merchandising display, or digital ad to launch the VIBA experience; or stop customers in their tracks with Smart Sign displays. Here’s more about VIBA, its technology, and our Channel Partner Program:


Build: VIBA was built by T-ROC, the team that the biggest brands and retailers in the world turn to for end-to-end solutions. Although VIBA has been in development for several years, the pandemic accelerated the demand for a solution that provides touchless, human, and virtual support in real-time.


Test: T-ROC’s VIBA was tested for over a year with major brands and retailers, such as Meta and Walmart. The testing included the addition of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences to the platform, which allows customers to view and interact with 3D models they’re interested in purchasing. The added technology to VIBA’s diverse solution arsenal makes the retail dreams of tomorrow available today.


Launch: T-ROC is launching solutions now throughout the Americas. Our highly customized solutions are changing the way brands and retailers engage their customers by meeting them where they are in their sales journey. Engagements are personalized while providing the content consumers need to make informed purchase decisions their way, wherever and whenever.


Scale: T-ROC is looking for the right channel partners that are looking to elevate your clients’ CX while increasing your business or personal income with VIBA. We offer a game-changing solution in VIBA and a variety of flexible commission structures—upfront and long-term—to help you make the most of it in whatever ways work best for you. There’s never been a better time to partner with one of the most innovative boutique agencies providing both people and technology solutions for your clients’ bricks and clicks.


The VIBA partner program includes referral and reseller opportunities, all with competitive commission structures. To learn more about VIBA and the T-ROC partner program, visit or get in touch with Harold Edwards, Vice President of Partnerships and Channel Development at [email protected].


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