Why Inventory Management is Key to Customer Satisfaction

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  • calendar Feb 28, 2022
  • clock 2 mins read

Online shopping has been turbocharged by the pandemic, with U.S. e-commerce sales on track to top $1 trillion for the first time this year. Consumer shopping habits have been forever changed—with new hybrid patterns that include online shopping, curbside, and in-store pickup, and expanded delivery options. The most successful retailers—regardless of their size—are those who recognize the importance of inventory management and its critical role in ensuring customer satisfaction. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of placing an order online for local pickup or delivery, having the payment go through, only to learn that it’s unavailable—and in some cases not until you’re actually at the local retailer do you find out! The bottom line is that if you’re a retailer that hasn’t invested in inventory management, you’re setting your customers up for disappointment.

Multi-channel fulfillment is essential for retail success now. Without a good inventory management system in place, retailers risk frustrating customers with out-of-stock messages (or worse, in-stock messages that aren’t accurate), losing revenue due to overstocking, increasing order cancellations, and more human-related errors. Achieving a healthy balance between online and in-store inventory management is impossible without smart technology.

T-ROC works with retailers, brands, and manufacturers to create solutions that combine people and technology. We’ve worked with retailers to develop and implement smart inventory management technology that helps them track, manage and organize sales and purchases—in real-time—across all channels. These management systems rely on software that reads barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) to provide retailers with access to their inventory data from arrival to storage to purchase. We can handle every aspect of the process—from how to select the hardware and software that best integrates with existing systems, the labor-intensive part of tagging every item, to training your team on how to accurately scan for inventory counts.

To find out more about smart inventory management and other innovative retail solutions, get in touch with Debby Hoover, Vice President, Business Development at T-ROC, [email protected].

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