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Transforming the Customer Experience

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  • calendar Jun 7, 2021
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When it was still early days of the pandemic, retailers and brands were forced to reinvent the customer experience—and fast. Now, it’s a year later, and many of those changes that they initiated are here to stay, as consumers’ new behaviors quickly become habits. Customer priorities have changed. Retail spaces have shifted from transactional to experiential, the ability to deliver a strong in-store and online experience is paramount, and customers have a high demand for speed, accuracy, and information in their shopping experience. Brands and retailers who are adept at understanding and embracing customers’ changing behavior will have a distinct advantage in fueling their post-pandemic recovery.


The reality is that every brand and every retailer is in a state of discovery and research—whether online or in-store, how do they recalibrate their business to meet customers where they are? How do they reimagine the customer experience in a way that is consistent across digital and physical spaces?


A recent survey by Sinch asked consumers about which shopping habits would continue even after the pandemic has passed. Consumers revealed that they are enthusiastic about new forms of engagement, including conversational AI, and that nearly half of the respondents say they will continue to shop online more often.  So it’s clear that retailers and brands need to have a robust digital presence as part of their consumer experience strategies.


One solution that helps deliver both in-store and online customer engagement is T-ROC’s VIBA, which combines artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) bots along with live representatives. Via QR code technology, consumers can connect via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or in-store, and talk to a knowledgeable associate/brand ambassador who can answer questions, offer advice, display product videos or images, and even complete the purchase.


Best of all, VIBA is completely customizable for brands and retailers in any industry or vertical but is especially well-suited for those purchases that are higher ticket items as well as more complex. Pre-pandemic, these are the kind of purchasing decisions that were made in-store based on what consumers could touch, see and experience. VIBA provides a bridge to that, bringing the personal touch to help guide purchasing decisions on everything from home appliances to smartphones to security systems to upscale furniture. Watch VIBA in action!


The constantly changing retail landscape means more opportunities to learn and adapt and create customer experiences that are more personalized and more customized. New solutions, like VIBA, are infinitely adaptable for both online and in-store, with the flexibility to evolve and meet the customers where they are, both now and well into the future.


To find out more about how VIBA can transform our customer experience, get in touch with Chris Green, Senior Vice President,  Business Development at T-ROC, [email protected].

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