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T-ROC Partner Program Offers Winning Collaborations

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  • calendar May 24, 2022
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T-ROC, the sales and revenue engine for some of the biggest brands in the world, has a partner program that allows C-level executives, board members and independent consultants to bring their retail customers an innovative solution for growth. VIBA, the world’s first Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador, is our proprietary platform that leverages virtual reality and video chat technologies to deliver personalized shopping experiences to customers—wherever, whenever and however they feel like shopping.


Through the partner program, T-ROC creates more ways to build relationships with trusted customers, by giving them a virtual reality technology solution that can be customized for their brand and products. Partners can be “behind the scenes” as much or as little as they choose to be. Partners can recommend VIBA to their customers, and leave the training and sales process to T-ROC’s expert team. Our flexible partner program allows you to choose the model that works for your business… and your customer. And you’ll earn revenue on referrals, with flexible compensation and residual income options.


The T-ROC partner program is perfect for those who consult on solutions, software and services for their customers. VIBA provides the opportunity for partners to accelerate their customer’s retail transformation. VIBA is backed by T-ROC’s unmatched retail expertise, with decades of experience and insight driving retail sales and revenue. In fact, T-ROC is the only Third Party Labor that owns and operates hundreds of retail locations. No one else puts their solutions to the test like T-ROC – in its own stores with their success on the line.


With the T-ROC partner program, you can deliver an omnichannel engagement solution to your retail clients that turns phones, computers, tablets, signage, billboards, displays and any other medium you can imagine into a 24/7/365 salesforce. And it costs up to 200% less than traditional staffing.


If you have a client you think might be the right fit for this, we’d love to talk to you about our partner program, how it works, and how it could benefit both you and your customer. To have a conversation, get in touch with Harold Edwards, Vice President of Partnerships and Channel Development at [email protected]


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