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  • calendar May 12, 2022
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T-ROC: The Only Retail Merchandising Consultant With An Entrepreneurial Approach

Retail has never been more customer centric than it is right now. Shoppers demand a level of engagement from brands and retailers that is requiring players to step up their games with more impactful, efficient and entertaining merchandising programs.

Many companies are turning to retail merchandising consultants for help. Here’s why some of the biggest and best trust the entrepreneurial team at T-ROC.

We Live And Breathe Retail

Our company was founded by a retail entrepreneur who worked the sales floor, set up merchandising, sold to customers, and lived the job. We’ve all come up this way, and we understand the hard work that goes into launching a merchandising program. We get your retail needs, because we’ve lived them ourselves.

We’re Hands-On Merchandising Partners

We don’t do things from a distance. We’re right by your side and in your stores, functioning as part of your retail business. As your merchandising partner, our job is to better every aspect of store performance. That extends to your margins, gross sales, service level, appearance, flow, the customer journey and more. The only way we know how to do that, is by being part of the mix.

The Right Merchandising & Retail Technology

We power your retail operations and merchandising strategies with the latest digital solutions. Stay ahead of the technology curve with merchandising programs built on actionable insights gained by integrating the latest in smart data capture, AI, robots, in-store sensors, mobile field tools and more. Integrating next-gen retail technology, we’re able to provide relevant data and insights that will help you make informed merchandising, inventory and operations decisions.

End-to-End Merchandising Solutions

At T-ROC, our commitment to your merchandising success goes deeper than product selection and shelf space. We’re out to optimize your revenue and that means examining merchandising as part of an overarching sales strategy that extends throughout your operations – staffing, training, consumer insights, Retail 4.0 technology, IT, and more.

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