Insights from consumers and competitors are a critical ingredient in today’s retail world. We help you capture and analyze this information as well as maximize its value.

Whether you want to augment an existing program or are looking for project-based or seasonal insights, you can select from our range of mystery shopping, customer surveys, compliance audits, and other detailed competitive intelligence offerings.

Mystery Shopping

On-site or in-person mystery shopping reveals key customer behaviors, provides feedback on operational efficiencies and reports brand standards adherence. And telephone mystery shopping allows you to evaluate your customers’ voice interactions, monitor telephone sales, and evaluate training initiatives.

Competitive Intelligence

Aggregating In-field and online competitive intelligence identifies competitive advantages, confirms industry trends, captures recommendation rates, and helps evaluate pricing.

Customer Satisfaction and NPS

Use customer surveys to understand your customers’ perceptions, measure post-purchase satisfaction and likelihood of gaining repeat business.

Compliance Audits

Compliance audits enable you to manage frontline risks, measure promotional and operational process compliance, evaluate merchandising and brand standards adherence, manage sales performance and review inventory accuracy.

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