Commercial Assembly Services

T-ROC Assembly Services: Streamlined Assembly For Enhanced Profitability.

Are you a brand or retailer with merchandise that needs to be assembled? Or, perhaps, your current assembly service team seems a little less than optimized?

Let T-ROC handle your assembly needs with peak performance and maximum profitability.

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Merchandise Assembly Entrepreneurs

At T-ROC, we’ve built our reputation by solving some of the most pressing challenges in retail with innovative thinking, advanced technology, proven best practices, comprehensive retail services, and pinpoint execution. Every T-ROC program is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that’s about solving problems and seizing opportunities. Assembly is no different. We will formulate a service plan that minimizes expenses, ensures fast and accurate merchandise assembly, and is trackable and measurable throughout the lifecycle of the assembly process. While some might consider assembly to be a complementary addition to core retail management services, we don’t look at it that way. We view merchandise assembly as a chance to solve a critical business challenge many of our clients are facing.

Retail Assembly Services

We’re pros at assembly. In fact, we’ve created customized mass assembly programs for one of America’s largest retailers. Bikes to beds; grills to any other gizmo or gadget you need assembled; we’ll create an optimized assembly strategy and provide the expert teams you need to get the job done right.

Assembly and ROI

One of the greatest advantages of partnering with T-ROC for assembly is our commitment to cost-smart performance. We measure every aspect of your assembly program with full transparency, so you know exactly what your returns are, both in terms of the volume of merchandise being assembled, and in terms of what your actual spend is versus how much our services are increasing revenue. We back every assembly service program with detailed reporting that accurately displays the performance of your processes and teams. It also helps us see what’s working, what’s not, and where we can improve. Because we never stop looking for faster, smarter, more profitable assembly solutions.

It can’t sell if it’s not there

Merchandise that’s still in pieces in the back room isn’t going to do much for those sales numbers. We make sure your products, whether they’re beds, bookcases or the next big exercise phenomenon, are assembled and out on the sales floor where customers can see them, touch them and purchase them.

Accuracy is everything

Yes, speed is important. But not if it comes at the expense of assembly accuracy. Your customers expect and deserve quality merchandise that has been carefully put together by assembly experts who know exactly what they’re doing - and are committed to doing it right. At T-ROC, we hold ourselves accountable for accuracy. Our assembly service teams are intensively trained in both our own T-ROC process and procedures, as well the nuances of assembling your specific product or products. Your customers will always enjoy a product that’s assembled to exacting specifications and the highest quality standards.

The T-ROC Assembly Service Checklist

1. Assess your assembly needs

This includes understanding your merchandise, assembly volume, timeframes, delivery schedules and more. We sit down with you to put the big pieces together first.

2. Create a strategic plan

Once we understand the scope of work, we put together a detailed plan on how we’ll execute your assembly job - on schedule, on budget.

3. Source, hire and train your team

We have a nationwide pool of outstanding service personnel in place. Wherever you need assembly assistance, we have the right people to make it happen.

4. Continually improve

We begin your assembly program by formulating processes and goals. We perfect your assembly program by continually measuring performance to locate areas we can do even better.

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