Assisted Sales Program

It'd Be Impossible If It Wasn't True.

The snowballing story of a Walmart location and 900% growth in a single year.

When the nation’s largest retailer calls on you for help, it’s certainly an opportunity to up your game. But even we were blown away by this one.

Walmart partnered with T-ROC to support a single Store-Within-A-Store (SWAS) wireless department. We provided staffing, tech consultation, and end-to-end program management.

Here's what happened.

Walmart saw a
10x increase
in sell-through rate
In six months, pilot store showed sales growth of
After one year, store was up a mind-boggling

Guess who Walmart called on as they expanded their SWAS concept? Here’s how fast it snowballed - growing bigger and bigger with every sale.

Walmart initially gave us 190 stores, which we staffed with
445 employees
Three years later, we were running over
1,300 locations
We are now staffing and managing nearly
3,400 employees

It all started with a single and, by all measures, small opportunity. Three years later, we turned it into a sales and revenue powerhouse. This is only possible when you continually look for ways to build, grow and transform the business of selling.

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T-ROC is more than a consulting company. We’re in the business of selling just like you, as owners and operators of T-Mobile stores throughout multiple states.
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