Training as a service

A Major Insurance Provider Makes A Smart Training Call

How T‑ROC trained 2,200 smartphone repair technicians in 2 months.

When one of the nation’s leading insurance companies needed soup-to-nuts training – and they needed it on speed dial – they called T‑ROC. 

Our Training as a Service team sprang into action – delivering a turnkey training solution that brought bandwidth, efficiency and cost savings that only decades of experience can deliver. Here’s what we made happen:

Created a curriculum combining
online learning and hands‑on training
with 142 cohorts of students
Students went through a
3-week comprehensive program
including hands‑on training at 4 hubs
In 2 months, we trained
2,200 students
to be Certified Smartphone Repair Technicians
These new Technicians were deployed at
406 cellular phone dealerships
across the country

We also provided complete content translation, as well as Spanish-language trainers to take the program to Puerto Rico, where it was a rousing success.

Few companies have the resources to develop, staff and support an effective training program internally. That’s why they call on T‑ROC. We do it all.

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T-ROC is more than a consulting company. We’re in the business of selling just like you, as owners and operators of T-Mobile stores throughout multiple states.

Cricket Wireless

Since 2011, we’ve been supporting Cricket Wireless with Brand Ambassadors who lead sales teams at some of largest Carriers and Big Box Retailers across the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
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