Retail Sales and Operations

We Own, Operate and Optimize.

How we’ve taken our wireless stores stores to the top 95th percentile in sales.

T-ROC is more than a consulting company. We’re in the business of selling just like you, as store owners and operators of the second-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. throughout multiple states.

We sell a full range of wireless products and plans, Internet of Things (IoT) products, and all sorts of accessory items. Here are some numbers.

95th Percentile
Sales and Operations Performance
Over 250k
Annual Customer Interactions
Over 600 team members
getting the job done
93 locations
and counting
15 Experiential Marketing Events
each year

We have skin in the game, too. More importantly, our success is on the line in more ways than just bottom-line sales. Our stores serve as proving grounds for the sales and revenue solutions we bring to the world’s biggest brands and businesses. Rest assured, if you see it, we’ve already proven it.

More case studies

Cricket Wireless

Since 2011, we’ve been supporting Cricket Wireless with Brand Ambassadors who lead sales teams at some of largest Carriers and Big Box Retailers across the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


T-ROC is one of the top 3rd party retailers for the brand, independently owning and operating stores across the Midwest and in the northeast.
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