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T-ROC Is Helping Big Retailers Optimize Revenue During a Crisis

  • Sep 29, 2020
  • 3 mins read


As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe, the retail landscape shifted dramatically, accommodating the sudden move to digital platforms and contactless solutions, keeping up with an influx of orders for cleaning supplies and more.

One company stepped up to help make the transition easier.

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member T-ROC, The Revenue Optimization Companies, partners with a number of Fortune 500 companies, including other CTA members such as Apple, Walmart, AT&T, helping them navigate new business considerations and create growth opportunities.

Amid the pandemic, T-ROC’s retail division has helped its partners redefine their businesses and what is to come post-contagion.

“Our priority is always our customers, and the pandemic didn’t change that,” said Brett Beveridge, T-ROC CEO. “The onset of COVID-19 moved us to ask what our customers needed or what challenges they were facing during this difficult time.”

The Power of People

Beyond recommending stringent cleaning of high-touch areas, cutting store hours, and offering curbside pickup and delivery options, in line with most retailers’ business changes, T-ROC has launched solutions that leverage the power of human connection during the pandemic.

  • Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador (VIBA) – A standing TV display, VIBA allows customers to interact with a virtual associate for a contactless but more personal experience. The user is able to ask questions, get advice on products or see a product demonstration. A single VIBA is equipped to handle 10 different stores at one time.
  • Mobile Insight – Mobile Insight, an internal software, collects data and sends information and links to customers. For example, the software is able to offer a comparison of the top 10 televisions available and email the information to a customer, along with a link to the TVs they looked at that day.

The Future of Retail Is Tech-Savvy

The rise of e-commerce has already changed the retail landscape. As contactless solutions remain popular due to global health concerns, T-ROC sees omni-channel approaches to retail becoming more widespread.

“The future means embracing technology, offering customers choices on how, where and when they want to shop,” Beveridge said.

T-ROC’s attention is on the power of artificial intelligence, radio frequency identification, robots and smart fixtures such as T-ROC’s VIBA display, and Beveridge and his team see an investment in technologies as the way for big-box retailers to continue optimizing revenue and increasing sales.

“CTA is a fantastic organization that allows me access to various technology innovations. The research alone is extremely valuable and keeps us up to speed on world events and consumer behaviors. Many members of my team also participate on the various CTA division boards and enjoy contributing to the industry. My network has grown tremendously as a result of my participation, and I have been blessed to have met many of the industry’s top executives.”

-Brett Beveridge, CEO, T-ROC

Source: The Consumer Technology Association 

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