Wireless Retailers Search for Digital Solutions to Engage Consumers Post-Pandemic


As the pandemic continues to drive consumers to a digital omnichannel experience, wireless retailers are looking to accelerate their retail business to a more digital experience. This is not to say that retail stores will not continue to be a critical part of the consumer journey, but it has changed considerably since March of 2020. “When Verizon closed 70% of stores due to the pandemic last year, it redeployed more than 10,000 of the frontline retail workers to work in remote customer service and telesales positions from home,” reported Monica Alleven, editor of FierceWireless (January 2021). As consumers avoid brick and mortar retail for a digital experience, wireless retailers need to accelerate their digital plans and even up their game to make the customer experience as frictionless as possible. The industry was already moving to a touchless retail environment but the pandemic has forced retailers to think differently now. It simply can’t wait if you want to reach consumers where they are in their wireless journey for products and services. The wireless retailers that do it best will benefit the most from implementing new technologies that are geared to support a post-pandemic retail journey.

This is where T-ROC enters the equation to help wireless retailers and products companies with today’s challenges, now. T-ROC has announced a new technology platform (VIBA) that engages the customer where they are in a way that is very similar to the traditional buying experience. It allows customers to interface with a live brand ambassador that in many retail locations are no longer supporting third-party onsite support for sales activities. Consumers can engage live representatives in-store via a totem or from their smartphone. Via QR code technology, consumers can engage the live representative in the comfort of their own home from their smartphone or on their tablet or PC from the retailer’s website. Bot technology initiates the consumer engagement and then you can easily transfer to a live representative to continue the customer journey. The consumer can engage digital content on-demand to assist in their purchase decision and even complete the purchase with the live representative. You can view this short video to better understand the VIBA experience:


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