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Why You Should Let T-ROC Reset Your Retail Store

  • Oct 3, 2022
  • 3 mins read

Have you ever moved and had someone do all the heavy lifting, even setting up the furniture in your new home? Or maybe, you’ve hired an expert to rearrange your furniture for a better flow, or add new furnishings that inject new life to a space?

We all love resets in life, especially when a tedious task is done for us.

The same mindset applies to retailers, as regular store resets are crucial for success. Restructuring can help move stagnant inventory, make shopping easier to navigate, or place emphasis on a new product that needs to be the center of attention. Resets are a fast and easy way to infuse new energy into a stale store or department.

At T-ROC, we offer retailers the labor and leadership for a complete reset. Our expert teams of 17 or 34 people, touch every square inch of your store. For example, under our Walmart Overnight Reset Program, our core team travels the country and executes several hundred store remodels a year.

The benefits of hiring a reset team are numerous. At a time when there are labor shortages and resources are limited, T-ROC provides retailers with rockstar reset teams. Resetting shelves and fixtures is a complex job and the right experience is crucial. Our core reset team is highly skilled and experienced in this particular work and are able to travel to different geographical locations. By using the same expert team, there’s consistency between all stores and retailers can rely on the quality of the work.

That core team also shoulders the burden of hiring and formally training additional workers in the area, like merchandisers, to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Using a reset team means a retailers’ staff, who often do not have the specific skill set for resetting a store, isn’t pulled from other important tasks and jobs, such as assisting customers or restocking shelves.

Store reset teams do all the heavy lifting. They often arrive at the store at 10 p.m. and are done and out by 7 a.m. With the assistance of hourly supervisors, the reset team builds new fixtures, relocates old fixtures and merchandise, and energizes the space with a fresh look while adding new merchandise.

Hiring a reset team also means there’s no disruption to your store staff and  highly valued customers. Business doesn’t have to stop. Reset teams enter the store during the cover of night when stores are closed and get to work. When the store opens the next morning, everything is neat and straight, and it can be business as usual for the retailer. T-ROC’s team can facilitate resets for any kind of project at every scale including product rollouts or even temporary pop-up stores.

Changing the store’s layout and merchandise can make shopping easier for customers and, ultimately, drive more sales. Even better? Retailers don’t have to lift a finger to get it done.

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