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VIBA: One Technology Solution that Solves Many Pain Problems for all Types of Businesses

  • Sep 26, 2022
  • 8 mins read

Call it a unicorn. When it comes to breakthrough technology, it’s rare to find one versatile product that benefits almost every business sector and their customers.


Enter VIBA. The revolutionary software platform, which stands for Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador, is the world’s first digital-video live agent platform that can be used anywhere at any time. It offers an omnichannel customer experience that delivers sales, service, and support experiences whenever, however, and wherever they are needed.


How does it work? It can be a physical totem indoors or outdoors, or accessed through a QR code or weblink, attached to anything from a sign on a store aisle to individual products to billboards, TV and print ads, and then scanned by a consumer who is immediately directed to VIBA through a live agent or its lifelike bot, Valerie. It can be access on a tablet, cell phone or computer.


With VIBA, businesses never miss an opportunity to educate a potential customer on their brand, product, or service; and most importantly, businesses never miss an opportunity to capture a sale.


VIBA solves a host of major pain problems such as staffing shortages, lost sales due to sales agents’ lack of product or service knowledge, and lack of data on potential customers.


VIBA does the heavy lifting for humans, so companies don’t have to add staff. The platform connects a customer immediately to a highly advanced bot (or live person) that is available 24/7. One of the biggest distinctions that sets VIBA apart from the competition is the avatar experience, which extends a personalized, human-like experience to customers and in some cases, an actual human who is remotely helping like a FaceTime experience. The bot technology enables it to speak multiple languages and content can be fully customized. VIBA becomes even more intuitive over time. When it comes to intimate product knowledge, think of VIBA as a brand ambassador in a box. It gives potential customers all the information that they need to make an informed decision on a particular product or service. VIBA’s agent can even merge in calls to family or friends of customers who want to weigh in with advice on the purchase. It also gathers data from potential customers for an impressive lead generation capture, as well as insights that can help a company determine what clients are specifically looking for or what to know.


Before the sale, VIBA offers the chance for customers to learn more about a product or service, get vital questions answered, and receive rich media content from forms that need to be filled out, to virtual tours, or product demonstrations. During the sale, VIBA can ring up customers and process payments. After the sale, VIBA can follow up with long-term customer service and support, all the things that build customer loyalty.


Ultimately, VIBA can improve conversion rates, drive revenue, increase your coverage range, better customer satisfaction, all while lowering costs and elevating team productivity.


Below, we’ve highlighted examples of the industries and applications where VIBA can be used.


  • Retail, Wireless, Electronics, and Consumer-Packaged Goods

The advantages of VIBA are almost endless for these four categories which share many of the same pain problems. In an atmosphere where it’s often difficult to have available staff to assist every customer, and even harder to have staff that’s knowledgeable about every product, VIBA solves those challenges in the store or online.


VIBA puts a salesperson on the floor or in the aisle at any given moment to quickly assist, inform, and close the sale in a personable manner. In sectors like wireless and electronics, where consumers are often overwhelmed with the options and what’s best for them, VIBA can help them make a well-informed decision. This can mean displaying what each product does, pointing out advantages and disadvantages, and printing off related materials for comparison.


VIBA puts a brand ambassador at the shelf: consumers can scan a QR code with their phone and get product information right away. This makes it easy for them to discover the difference between a brand’s various products so they can find the one that’s right for them.


  • Motor Services

VIBA is an effective tool for the motor sales and rental industry which includes automobiles, boats, planes, and motorcycles. Once again, VIBA is the chance for brands and companies in this ever-competitive industry to never lose an opportunity for lead generation or a sale.


Often, customers dread the time-consuming and daunting process of buying a car. A possible scenario with VIBA: a customer could go on a dealership or brand’s website and be directed to a live agent who can show off the car and point out all of its features. The agent can also offer the customer the chance to put a down payment on the car to hold it, send over any appropriate paperwork to fill out, or even close the deal without the customer ever leaving the comfort of their home. Additionally, VIBA’s totem could be on-site to help with the financing process for leasing or buying. No more waiting hours to finish the sales process.


  • Financial Services

Other time-consuming tasks that many people dread in the financial arena range from walking into a bank for basic help or searching for a new private wealth manager. VIBA can make it easy as going to the bank’s website and speaking with a live agent about applying for a loan or finding out the difference in rates without ever going into the physical location. VIBA can send a client that’s searching for a wealth manager a list of qualified people to help narrow the search, answer basic questions and

and set up an appointment or interview. Normally daunting tasks are simplified. The consumer has the convenience of doing things on their terms. For customers still looking for in-person support, totems on-site are an easy solution to banks who are looking to decrease teller desks.


  • Real Estate

 We all know how hot the real estate market is right now. We also know that with so much demand, agents can’t be at every property all the time or may miss a call that could lead to a sale. VIBA offers the chance for potential buyers to zap a QR code on a house sign or an ad and receive immediate attention. VIBA can offer them a virtual tour, immediately connect them with a realtor, and set up an appointment to see the house. It also generates leads for realtors to follow up with that potential client to help them find the purchase or rental that’s a fit for them.


  • Beauty

In another competitive field with thousands of products that are high touch, it’s often hard for consumers to find a helpful salesperson that can direct them to the right beauty product or shade of makeup. Most people at a beauty store can’t tell consumers every detail about every product,  but VIBA can help potential customers make informed decisions. That could look like scanning a QR code at the store and having a virtual ambassador explain what the product does or play a tutorial on how to apply it. Customers could also to scan an ad in a magazine to compare a range of products or garner information before walking into a physical store. VIBA offers the chance to close the deal quickly.


  • Healthcare & Insurance

VIBA can also be a key player in the healthcare and insurance industries. Consumers can zap a QR code on a billboard, TV or print ad, or a sign in the office, to learn about a doctor or a particular service offered. VIBA can facilitate an appointment with a doctor, send mandatory paperwork that needs to be filled out, or offer materials such as payment plans or before and after pictures of a particular cosmetic surgery.


When it comes to insurance, VIBA can supply company and plan comparisons from healthcare to car insurance. It can also offer live support to help with tasks such as filing claims, taking pictures of damage, or even getting immediate help after an accident.


  • Travel and Tourism


VIBA can be a game-changer in the travel industry for hotel staff and guests. From scannable QR codes on ads that give prospective vacationer details about a hotel or destination, to QR codes on signs at a hotel that guests can scan to get on-property information or book an appointment at the spa or solidify a restaurant reservation and of course, the on-site totem acting as an immediate concierge. This frees up on-property staff from mundane tasks and leaves them available to take on high-priority jobs.


Think VIBA can help your business? Learn about a 60-day free VIBA trial here.


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