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The One Perfect Solution to Solve Your Business Problems

  • Oct 5, 2022
  • 4 mins read

Think of the biggest problem your company faces. Chances are VIBA can solve it, and create a life-changing experience for your business, employees, and customers.

VIBA, which stands for Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador, is the world’s first omnichannel engagement solution that can be used anywhere, at any time. It’s a platform that connects people with a live agent or a life-like virtual ambassador for unlimited access. It has the ability to look like a totem in a store, smart signs, QR code, and even operate via website. Read on below to discover unique ways VIBA can transform your business.

Fast and knowledgeable customer support

VIBA especially shines in the retail industry, but the multi-faceted solution can be implemented across a variety of verticals. It’s a game-changer for retailers who are unable to properly staff every physical store or department. VIBA can be utilized as a totem in a specific department, where customers walk up to the totem to receive instant help and in-depth information from a live agent about electronics, cellular service and much more. VIBA immediately makes one to two knowledgeable agents available at many stores, providing accessibility to address customers’ questions before they make a purchase or sign a contract.

High-value products

VIBA can also provide a significant impact for big-box retailers who are selling high-value products in new categories that people aren’t familiar with. For example, electric bikes are a relatively new product that are still expensive, and people are reluctant to purchase them on a whim. A VIBA agent can educate a customer on the benefits of the bikes, how they work, what sets them apart and what bike is the best fit for them. Depending on the retailer’s VIBA setup, they can even walk a customer through the purchase process.

Insightful information

Last year, a social media company performed a VIBA trial, using the platform to educate consumers on a new virtual reality headset product. The VIBA bot was able to answer 700 different questions, present the benefits of the product, showcase how it works, and more. What was significant from that trial was that VIBA offered new insights about the product. It alerted the company to a common customer question that wasn’t addressed, and the company was able to adapt and use it as another way to market their product. In addition to helping and educating consumers, VIBA can be a great asset for companies to garner insightful information.

Post-sales and first-line IT support

VIBA is also helpful for post-sales assistance and first-line IT support to curb frustrating hold times that consumers often face. A VIBA bot is readily available to walk customers through troubleshooting steps to address their concerns faster, or even show them helpful video or images that live agents often can’t do over the phone. That assistance could range from changing passwords to fixing bugs to setting up a new product they’ve purchased. T-ROC is currently building a bot to support Vision by Mobile Insight, which is used by Fortune 500 Companies, to help with support calls. The benefit for companies is a reduced need for support staff, with needs addressed faster and efficiently, which builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Company communication and education

In a similar way, VIBA can help companies with employee communications and education. One example: VIBA can free up a company’s HR staff by answering questions from employees on topics such as payment schedules, health benefits, and company policies. This could be of particular help to remote workers who don’t have the availability to walk over to HR and ask a question.

Travel and hospitality advantages

When it comes to travel, VIBA can help you travel like a local. The VIBA solution can be translated in a mobile app which connects travelers with a local expert that can advise them on what to see, do and eat in a particular area – even how to avoid tourist traps. Smart signs and totems can also be situated in hotel lobbies for guests who don’t have the mobile app and it is able to instantly connect them with local experts in the immediate area of their hotel.

VIBA is a versatile technology that can benefit almost every business sector. Think VIBA can help your business? Learn about a 60-day free VIBA trial here.

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