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Managed Technology

  • Apr 20, 2022
  • 3 mins read

We help create a technological edge over your competitors, while you focus on your core retail business.

Adding automation and intelligence to your retail operations should not be a herculean effort, we support your needs from procurement to installation, training, operations, maintenance, and support.

No one understands retail-specific IT needs as we do. As Retail 4.0 experts, we can help identify new opportunities to fuel your retail innovation and growth efforts.

Lifecycle Management

Let us design, plan and implement the IT infrastructure you need to be successful and stress-free. We work with you to implement solutions that improve productivity, reduce cost and control operating expenses while ensuring maximum uptime and performance.

Retail 4.0 Technology Experts

From the latest in-store sensors and robots to the bread and butter IT systems that run your business, our world-class team acts as an extensions to your teams.

Managed Offerings


Get and stay connected through innovative, fully managed hardware, software and communication solutions.

We work with the top software, hardware, and communications provider in the industry. They count on us to get their solutions into customers quickly and efficiently. This enables them to focus on continuous innovation, while we keep you happy and productive.

Plus our pool of qualified national IT resources (> 1,500) we can easily tackle local, regional, and national projects.

  • Off-The-Shelf To Custom

You can count on us to deliver the right solution from our full-fledged managed retail technology and IT offerings.

  • “Store-in-a-Box”

If you are just starting out or rapidly expanding, we can package software, hardware, and systems based on your SLAs

  • Hardware to Hosting

Build, implement, and manage on your site, a private or public could – taking the stress out of managing your hardware.

  • Enterprise Software

From ERP to network management, we have best-in-class software solutions for on-premise and cloud implementations (POS, Payment, Inventory Management, Payroll, HRIS, Accounting, and many more.)

  • Productivity Apps

Email, information storage, and sharing, productivity applications (Microsoft Office, Google Docs).

  • Communication Networks

WIFI for customers, wireless POS and IoT connected devices – hassle free networks operations


We help you select, purchase, install, manage, monitor, maintain and support your IT, software, hardware, and communications assets based on your specific needs. Our approach consistently produces raving fans and repeat customers.

We work with you to implement solutions that improve productivity, reduce cost and control operating expenses while ensuring maximum uptime and performance.

Technology should provide you a competitive advantage, not a headache. With our team, you get peace of mind and a great ROI

  • Uptime

Around the clock monitoring and maintenance of critical systems (Servers, POS, Infrastructure, Backups and more). Plus multi-location redundant networks, reliable and secure Wi-Fi as well as cloud-hosted platforms for reliability and efficiency.

  • Security

Zealots defending your systems and application to ensure regulatory compliance plus distributed disaster recovery and backup.

  • Certified Technicians

Our teams are experienced at networking, server/workstations, cloud platforms, and software – including certifications with Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, Azure, and others.

  • Support

Set-up, install, train, manage, maintain and support your in-store technology and software including 24/7/365 Help Desk, proactive systems monitoring plus online and telephone support.

  • Industry Standards

Industry standards support including PCI-DSS, ISO 27000, SOX, and HIPAA.

  • Transparency

We focus on transparency through structured deliverables, specific timelines, and clear expectations.

  • Real-Time Visibility

Dashboards keep you updated – from planning to deployment to operations – including real-time alerts and notifications




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