Introducing VIBA: The First of Its Kind In-Store & At-Home Customer Engagement Solution

At The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), we use people and technology to propel the future of retail while meeting new world challenges like contactless tech. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, we knew it was the right moment to introduce VIBA, a touchless customer engagement, and sales solution. As of 2021, we are thrilled to announce VIBA as a solution offering.

VIBA stands for Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador and can be configured as a freestanding totem that instantly connects customers with a virtual bot and a live sales agent via a digital display. The VIBA in-store customer engagement solution combines artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) bots along with real-time access to a live person who can answer questions, offer advice, display high-definition content such as videos or images to customers, and even point them to the products they need for sale in the store or on the retailer’s website. VIBA is an end-to-end sales engagement tool that assists customers throughout the sales cycle, especially for value-added products. VIBA’s innovative technology enhances the shopping experience and customer engagement while respecting social distancing.

By minimizing wait times and maximizing access to a team member who can provide accurate product information and knowledge, sales are increased while brand and product loyalty are further enhanced. Ready to connect shoppers with a subject matter expert, VIBA can also display various content of interest such as product videos and even promotions or programs relevant to the customer’s needs. Using QR codes via the customer’s own mobile device, VIBA can also be brought to life at many different locations throughout the store to assist with an endless number of products. It’s similar to browsing the store at the customer’s own pace, with a personal sales assistant (concierge) that can be engaged as needed.

VIBA’s live agent, also known as the virtual brand ambassador, can effortlessly handle multiple products at up to 10 different stores at one time. If there is an overflow of customers, it will direct the shopper to another available brand ambassador so there is always an expert readily available to provide immediate assistance on-demand. Customers can also be engaged in their own language of preference.

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