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In-Store Demos and Marketing

  • Apr 20, 2022
  • 2 mins read

You’ve heard the old adage – seeing is believing. It’s true and that’s why in-store demos are one of the best ways to market your products. At T-ROC, we offer turnkey demonstration teams nationwide who are dedicated to making your brand and your products shine.

With so many in-store demo companies out there, why choose T-ROC?

Our teams are trained to go the extra mile. Our demonstration experts do more than hand out samples or stand behind your products with a friendly smile on their faces. They’re trained to be true Brand Ambassadors who know how to market and who understand the art of the sale. T-ROC also offers insights into different aspects of retail marketing such as brand ambassadorsadvertisingmerchandisingstaffing, and more.


T-ROC Product Demos Are Always Bring You These Advantages:

  • We Educate

Our experts go beyond performing demos. They come to the job with a real understanding of what they are selling and provide insight that adds credibility and fosters genuine customer engagement.

  • We Answer

An engaged customer is bound to have questions. T-ROC experts are prepared to answer them and continue the sales conversation.

  • We Sell

Our demonstration teams understand they are there to represent your brand and generate immediate sales. They act as the face of your brand, and as experienced customer service experts know that trust comes with an open and honest sales dialogue. That’s how we convert sales.

  • We Prove It

As one of the nation’s foremost retail management companies, T-ROC offers advanced reporting and detailed insights on every program we implement. You’ll see exactly how well our teams perform with absolute transparency.

The In-Store Demo Leader For High-Value
Products And Services

Some of the most challenging in-store demo environments are those featuring high-value products and services – smartphones and tablets, personal computing, household appliances, cable and internet services – and the like.

As a retail management partner for Fortune 500 companies, including Samsung, Walmart, Xfinity and Apple, T-ROC knows how to market these high-value products and services that require larger financial investments and long-term usage commitments.

Our in-store teams are technology experts who speak the language of your customers, can answer their questions, and will earn their trust through unmatched product knowledge.

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