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How To Prepare Your Store For The Holiday Season

  • Oct 5, 2022
  • 4 mins read

As the countdown is now in full swing, retailers are scrambling for the fast-approaching holiday season. Crafting an effective staffing plan now will help prepare for the holiday rush and meet your revenue goals for the year. That means having knowledgeable and friendly staff, and brand ambassadors that act as holiday cheerleaders for your brand.


While the busy shopping season typically begins around Thanksgiving and Black Friday with continuous sales until the new year, it’s expected that people will start shopping earlier than normal in 2022. A new report by Salesforce predicts that shoppers will be more focused on deals and values, and that they are looking to get an earlier-than-normal start to beat price hikes due to inflation. It also predicts that shoppers, similar to last season, will primarily flock to stores over simply shopping online. Current patterns show that shoppers desire an in-person experience mixed with online shopping and are still favoring options such as buying online, and picking up in store, as well as the ease of curbside pickup.


What does this mean for retailers? Stores need to be appropriately staffed to meet demand, and more importantly, be staffed with the appropriate people who confidently know what they are selling and embody the brand. Retailers must arm store associates with product knowledge as well as place a strong importance on a friendly and welcoming environment for customers. They also need retail staff who can quickly fulfill orders and help with product pickups in store or curbside. The problem? We’re still experiencing a labor shortage, and good talent can be hard to find and train.


At T-ROC, we are hyper-focused on people solutions that make life easier, and ultimately, more profitable for retailers. We have expert teams that do it all for retailers including recruiting, vetting, and training top talent. We then place staff in the right positions to fill the right needs of the retailer. We know how to dip into a national pool of talent, often from our collection of retail stores, all equipped with unique skills, diverse backgrounds, and fresh perspectives.


The best part: we’re not limited by location, time, or jobs. Think of T-ROC as your on-demand service. We can find, train, and hire staff needed for specific roles that are seasonal, part-time, full-time, and even for pop-ups and special events like one-day or weekend sales. It can be staff for one store, or a thousand. T-ROC even has the solutions that enable stores to look to look into the future for holiday needs. VIBA is the perfect example! VIBA provides a completely virtual option to connect customers with a brand ambassador immediately. Store owners can stress less about staffing knowing a live-person or automatic bot named Valerie is instantly available to answer questions, show video demonstrations, and walk customers through the whole shopping experience.


It also comes down to different specialties, such as our rockstar reset teams who can transform your store overnight, creating eye-catching new product displays and layouts; or festive, holiday-themed decorations that will make customers want to snatch up the latest product as well as snap social media photos and share with all their friends.


T-ROC also offers a brand ambassador program where specially trained ambassadors live and breathe your brand. Imagine a holiday season where brand ambassadors share their high-energy and knowledge with customers, helping them to buy items that fit their needs as well as complementary products. Brand ambassadorship is a profound opportunity to influence buyers’ behavior and create long-lasting connections to your brand long after the holidays are over. These ambassadors can assist with on-the-floor sales, launch new products, or help with special promotions, a store-within-a-store, and pop-ups which are highly effective during the holidays. T-ROC has pop-up plans and will travel, so retailers can reach new audiences and new customers.


Another key part of the holiday rush that can’t be overlooked is assembly. T-ROC has highly trained assembly gurus all over the country that can build everything from bikes and toys to outdoor furniture and desks to fitness equipment. This also goes as far as sourcing replacement parts and working close with suppliers. Whether you need extra hands during the holidays, or launching the hottest gifts, these assembly authorities can make sure all the presents arrive appropriately put together and on time.


All of which result in the best gift this holiday season for retailers: customer loyalty that goes into the new year and beating fiscal goals.

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