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How to Be a Great Company to Work For

  • Sep 12, 2022
  • 5 mins read

While the mass exodus of employees from their jobs, known as the Great Resignation, may finally be slowing, we can’t ignore the fact that workers are now expecting more from their employers. When employees search for a great company to work for, there are many attributes for them to consider. From developing company culture to core values to prioritizing diversity and equality, here’s what you can do to be a great company to work for.


Core Values

Just as consumers are now gravitating toward businesses who share their same ethos or who support causes that are important to them, employees are also looking for a workplace that meshes with their values and tenets.

How do they know if your company is a good fit? Establishing a set of core values is vital for every company, as well as making them known on your website for the public to see along with other key places for existing employees to view. This is what defines everything about the way a company operates and does business.

Core values set expectations for employees to pursue and strive toward in their day-to-day work. Identifying core values was a top priority at T-ROC, and they include: be a passionate entrepreneur; embrace change and learning; make honesty and integrity win every time; always amaze your customers; and have fun and never take ourselves too seriously. If everyone is on the same page, it’s easy to succeed together. Being able to regularly go back to the company’s core values keeps individuals motivated and bursting with company pride.


Company Culture

Company culture matters, especially when it comes to retaining staff. Similar to setting core values, companies should determine what type of company culture works for them as well as what works for their employees. That could look like flexible work models that combine in-office and remote work; to allowing employees to set their own hours; or even swapping roles and duties with other employees, which offers an opportunity to learn different roles and skills. This type of company culture pushes employees to work hard and perform well.

At T-ROC, we have a dynamic company culture where employees are eager to succeed. Part of our success is contributed to putting in place programs and initiatives that make the workplace more than simply a place to garner a paycheck. For example, we take a three-dimensional approach to our company culture, focusing on employees’ mind, body, and spirit. Employees can take advantage of an array of supportive programs and themed seminars that concentrate on financial, spiritual, and physical wellness. That can range from how to jumpstart a walking program, to actionable ways to improve mental health, to helpful tips ways to get a better night’s sleep in order to perform better on the job. By offering resources and support that can help employees be their best selves, they’re ultimately their best selves at work.


Positive Workplace Environment

While getting the work done efficiently and effectively are top priorities, employers should also recognize that a positive workplace contributes to that goal. Achieving a positive environment can be as simple as creating situations where employees can socialize and build meaningful internal relationships to showcasing much deeper characteristics from the top, such as maintaining trust. Examples are doing what you said you’d do, like paying on time and staying in constant communication with staff so they feel informed and like an integral part of the team.

It’s also about recognizing and celebrating successes on the regular. While T-ROC often hosts contests for sales staff to win big prizes such as trips or highly coveted electronics, we also reward the every-day success stories. On the daily, we prioritize Facebook Workplace, where employees can celebrate birthdays, receive company-wide updates to stay in the know, and offer “shout-outs” to those who’ve hit or surpassed sales marks or simply performed an act of kindness that needs to be recognized. We also have a thread that recognizes the employee of the week as well as highlighting feel-good stories on the “Crush It” board.


Diversity and Equality

Being a good company to work for means placing a strong emphasis on diversity and equality for all. When employees feel like their authentic selves, they’re going to bring their best selves to work. That means looking around the office to identify who makes up your workplace and looking for gaps in race, age, sexual orientation, and physical abilities. It’s important to produce opportunities where employees’ differing opinions and vantage points can be heard.


Team Collaboration and Engagement

Good companies also place special attention on brainstorming, feedback, and innovation. Teams do their best work when they’re able to vocalize their unique ideas as well as utilize their particular skill sets and talents. In the end, collaboration brings forth the best solutions and ideas.

Every company should encourage creativity and bold pursuits that will help propel the business forward. That often means holding regular brainstorming sessions to look at what’s working and what’s not, as well as developing mentorship programs where employees of all ages, gender, ethnicities, and departments are able to teach others a new perspective or skill.

When people are looking for the best places to work, your company will need to stand out.

So, what’s it like working at T-ROC? Come discover for yourself.

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