Creating a Premium Experience for your Customers


The omnichannel experience is driving customer engagement more than ever before. Clearly, the pandemic has accelerated the demand for a premium customer experience, but also customers’ adaption of technology-driven purchases is another key factor. People are more comfortable buying things online than they’ve ever been. Not only because they’ve had to out of necessity due to the pandemic, but because they now prefer it. That being said, the customer experience has to change to meet the customer where they are. Retailers and brands need to be able to react to that. That fact is that are customers want it all: to buy in-store or online, pick up at curbside, and have delivered to their home.

A recent iPhone 12 purchased online revealed just how much had changed. Before, I would have purchased this phone at an AT&T store. This time, however, the phone was purchased online, delivered to our door, and the associate who delivered it asked if we’d like the phone set up at home. That experience has never happened to me before. And the changes that AT&T had to make, to create that seamless experience for customers included everything from changing their inventory management practices all the way through to the people and technology necessary to be able to deliver the product when, where and how the customers want them.

Compare that with my experience with a big box retailer—looking for a phone case—which was completely different. The inventory was very limited, and the sales associate didn’t offer to look up the inventory on their store device and see availability at another store, or offer to purchase it online and ship it next day. That’s a lost revenue opportunity, and more importantly a customer lost—and not just on this visit, but as a returning customer as well. Customer have a choice now, and they want a premium customer experience that’s seamless and frictionless.

At T-ROC, as a revenue optimization company, we focus on solving those problems for our retailers and brands. We’re at the forefront of pioneering RFID solutions that can rapidly improve customer inventory management, and we excel at personnel solutions that can help with the labor needs that are to create these experiences. We are also developing the technology platform, VIBA, which connects the in-store world with the online world. Everything we do as a company is about helping retailers and brands to create that seamless premium omnichannel experience.

To find out more about creating a premium experience for your customers, get in touch with Chris Green, Senior Vice President,  Business Development at T-ROC,