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Most CEOs Say Salaries Will Increase in 2019

  We increased pay in 2018 to reflect a rise in the consumer price index and also to ensure that our compensation for health care providers is competitive with that offered in South Florida and nationally. We expect to continue to increase pay in 2019 in key areas for the same reasons. Our goal is […]

Brett Beveridge Recognized on Annual Power Leaders List by South Florida Business Journal

  MIAMI (February 6, 2019) – Brett Beveridge, CEO and founder of The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), was recognized on South Florida Business Journal’s 2019 Power Leaders list. The annual list is an invaluable source of the “who’s who” among business elite across South Florida including executives from the Banking and Finance, Health Care, Real […]

CEOs’ 2019 Economic Forecast Offers Differing Views

CEOs were asked: Consumer confidence is high, but there has been growing talk about economic instability. Compared with 2018, do you think 2019 will be stronger, weaker, or about the same? What leads you to this view? == The financial markets were unstable in 2018, and already we see more of the same in 2019. We […]

Most CEOs Say Their Companies are Trying Hard to Attract ‘Gen Z’

Healthcare is a necessity for all generations, but accessing it is different for Gen Z, which highly values online access in real time. At UHealth, we are developing more “virtual” products for healthcare, including the ability to make clinic appointments, access medical information, and communicate with healthcare providers. We are also developing more products that […]

Brett and Maria Beveridge: Work Hard and Play Harder!

Brett Beveridge is a serial entrepreneur who thrives on building businesses from the ground up and prides himself on being at the forefront of technology. Since founding the Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), the Founder/CEO has helped propel the parent company of six brands to become a leader in the wireless, electronics, software and retail industries, […]

The Best Gift These CEOs Ever Received?

CEOs were asked: What is the best holiday gift you ever received? My wife surprised me with a custom set of golf clubs. While I was not into the sport and business was my main focus, it was time to enjoy life. Golf has become one of my sporting passions, plus every banker I knew […]

CEOs Discuss Their Top Workforce Challenges for 2019

CEOs were asked: Heading into 2019, what do you see as the three biggest challenges for your company’s workforce? 1) Finding workers that are highly skilled and experienced is becoming an increasingly problematic endeavor in health care. We continue to search for nurses, physical therapists, and other care providers, and only see the competition becoming […]

CEO’s Thoughts on Amazon’s HQ2 in Miami

  CEOs were asked: Amazon chose to go elsewhere than South Florida/Miami for its HQ2, but the deals in N.Y. and Virginia are being heavily criticized. In hindsight, is this too bad or a relief/good riddance for us? Our South Florida business environment is vibrant and growing at a rapid pace. The inclusion of Amazon […]