A Look Forward: Virtual Retail Solutions Are Here to Stay


As we continue to navigate through Covid-19, more retailers, brands and even shopping center owners and landlords are looking for virtual solutions. And these contactless virtual solutions are not just relevant now, but we expect them to be a permanent part of the retail landscape. In conversations with clients that include wireless/internet providers and one of the world’s largest consumer electronics and gaming merchandisers, there’s growing interest in using virtual brand ambassadors to augment their full time labor, and gain more efficiency. Virtual brand ambassadors use artificial intelligence to welcome customers in-store through video, answer questions, engage them about the product or services, and direct them to a live sales agent. For many retailers, adding “virtual people” rather than part-time employees is a higher quality solution with cost benefits.

As shopping mall owners are seeing an exodus from struggling traditional retailers, there are new opportunities for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands who want to dip their toes into brick-and-mortar, with a pop-up or kiosk. Yet many of these emerging brands lack retail management experience, and that’s why one of the country’s largest shopping mall owners has come to T-ROC to explore a partnership, where through a consulting engagement, we provide a menu of services from build-out to virtual technology to merchandising; the tenant can select any of all of the services. It’s a flexible, scaleable solution for both landlords and their tenants.

Beyond retail, several regional banks are also engaged with us in using virtual solutions for the traditional teller role to gain efficiency while offering the customer a high-quality experience. What we’ve discovered is that virtual solutions— while initially created in response to the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic—will work for any business who is cost challenged and faced with shrinking sales and traffic, where a high-quality customer experience is essential.

At T-ROC, our tagline—and more importantly our ethos—is The Power of People and Technology. There’s never been a more urgent need for custom-tailored virtual solutions for high-value brands and retailers—solutions that are humanized, targeted and designed to help businesses meet challenges now, and in the future.

To find out more about virtual solutions for retailers, brands and landlords, get in touch with Chris Green, Senior Vice President, Business Development at T-ROC, cgreen@trocglobal.com.