Brett Beveridge in “U.S. Entrepreneurs’ Rise to the Top”

Brett Beveridge was honored to participated in the academic study, “U.S. Entrepreneur’s Rise to the Top,” being study being conducted by social scientists at Florida International University (FIU)  in conjunction with FIU’s Center for leadership, Center for entrepreneurship, and funded by the Kauffman Foundation.

Under the direction of lead researcher Dr. Eaton, the study examines the challenges, behaviors, and characteristics of a sample of established male and female entrepreneurs across the U.S. The essence of the survey is to determine the underlying causes for differences in business size and expansion.

The results of the study are projected to give insight into understanding the different paths and the stumbling blocks of entrepreneurs as well as their various approaches to business health and growth. The key insights gathered will be useful for businesses who want to expand their businesses by presenting them with solutions these successful entrepreneurs have used in their organizations.