MIAMI, FL (November 10, 2017)

We’ll all heard about the death knell for the retail industry and technology retail specifically—that traditional retailers are faced with flat or declining sales, and costly store networks. Stalwart brands are closing doors, slashing prices and struggling to figure out how to compete against the Amazons of the world.

But not so fast. We actually think that it’s the exact opposite. Because that’s not what we’re seeing—in fact one of our clients, a major national wireless carrier, had planned to open 1,000 stores this year, but by mid-year, they had to update their outlook, and now are on pace to open another 500 by the end of the year.  And this aggressive expansion of its retail footprint isn’t an anomaly; we’re also seeing similar growth plans for other clients in the wireless arena.

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods offers further insight into the future of retail, with the opening of brick-and-mortar bookstores inside the grocery chain. At these Amazon Books physical stores, they don’t display prices. Instead, customers use phones to scan for book prices, which are lower for Prime members. And as Google has moved from search to software and services and now into devices and accessories, guess what? That’s right, they are making their first strides into the retail space, first as a series of pop-up stores, but all with the signs that a stand-alone real world retail presence is all but inevitable.

What connects all these news stories about retail technology? That it remains a consultative type of retail. Customers still want to touch and feel technology devices and acccessories. They want advice from knowledgeable retail experts, who can prescribe a technology solution that’s perfectly aligned to their needs. Perhaps most important, more often than not, customers don’t just want a transaction—they want to form a relationship with their technology retailer, and know that they can rely on a store associate or manager to give them trusted, expert guidance. Is that what your store or brand is delivering? Because it’s not where retail technology is headed—it’s where it’s already at. And in order to differentiate your product, create customer loyalty and command market share, your front line is your store associates. It’s only with the right training and knowledge that they can truly represent your product or brand to your customers.

At The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), technology brands, retailers, and manufacturers turn to us to drive sales, lower costs and create meaningful connections to brands and customers. For more information about our four retail-centric sales solutions companies, and how we can with your business, visit

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